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Safety and Security
Safety and Security

Safety & Security

Your safety and the security of your personal property are of the utmost concern to our entire staff. We encourage you to take advantage of the following suggestions:


  • Admittance
    Do not admit persons to your room without first making identification. A "peep hole" is provided in your door for your convenience. If there is any doubt about the person's true identity, please contact the Reception Desk.
  • City Security / Property Lost In a Taxi
    Write down or remember the number, color and company of the taxi in which you left your property. The police department has a list of all cab companies. Call the San Diego Police Department/La Jolla Storefront at (858) 552-1744 if the cab has pulled away with your possessions inside.
  • City Security / Homeless & Displaced Persons
    Like any city in the world, La Jolla has a homeless population. Most homeless people are harmless; however, some are chronic law violators who may infringe upon the rights of others. We suggest a combination of respect and caution around panhandlers and other strangers.
  • Double Locks and Chains
    For additional security, utilize the deadbolt provided on your door upon entering. This will prevent the door from being opened by a regular room key. As an additional precaution, please secure with the door chain.
  • Keys
    Do safeguard your key. Be sure to leave it with the Reception Desk upon departure. Do not leave it in your room or in the door. Do not give your key to others. Notify the Reception Desk immediately should you lose or misplace your keycard.
  • Safe Deposit Box
    Do not leave money or valuables in your room. We provide safe deposit boxes for your use at our Reception Desk at no charge. Under State Law, the hotel is not responsible for loss and has a limited liability for articles that have been secured in these boxes. The in-room safe is provided as an amenity for your convenience and security. It does NOT replace the safe required pursuant to State Law limiting the liability for loss of valuables and does not modify in any way the hotel's liability under the Limit of Liability State Law.


  • Emergency Services
    In an emergency situation, touch 911 from your guest room telephone. An emergency exists when there is a life-threatening police matter, a medical emergency or a fire, or there is a person who has fallen and is unable to get up but has no visible injuries. 911 will get you police, fire and emergency medical services. For non-emergency situations call:
    • San Diego Police Department/La Jolla Storefront (858) 552-1744
    • Fire/Paramedics (619) 533-4300
    • As always, please contact the Reception Desk if you have any questions or concerns. Touch 0
  • Fire Procedures
    When you check in, make a note of the following:
    • Locate the nearest fire exit.
    • Count and remember the number of doors between exits and your room.
    • Locate the nearest fire extinguisher.
    Inspect your room:
    • Study the layout of your room.
    • Inspect anything that might help or hinder a possible escape.
    • Read any fire emergency information provided, especially the layout on the back of your door.
    • Always keep your key handy.
    IF YOU FIND A FIRE: Persons discovering fire, smoke, or unusual heat in the hotel should remain calm and do the following:
    • Inform the hotel operator. Touch 0
    • Tell the operator:
      • Exact nature of the trouble
      • Exact location
      • How serious the trouble is
      • Your name and present location
    If you can safely contain the fire, close (but do not lock) all doors to seclude the fire and immediately leave the area. Follow the exit signs. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS. Always take your room key.
    To Evacuate:
    • Feel the door. If it's hot, don't open it. If it's cool, open it slightly, then look into the hallway. Be ready to slam the door shut if you see smoke or flames.
    • Always take your room key with you.
    • Keep a wet cloth or towel tied over your nose and mouth.
    • Close door behind you to keep fire from spreading.
    • If it's dark, and you smell smoke, drop to your hands and knees and crawl to the exit. (The air is fresher at floor level.) Remember to count the doors so you won't get lost.
    • Should the stairwell be unsafe, return to your room. It is the safest place for you.
    If you cannot leave:
    • Stay Calm.
    • Call the operator and give your location. If you cannot reach the operator, dial 911 directly from your guest room telephone.
    • Be prepared to fight fire/smoke.
    • Stay low to the floor where the air is the freshest.
    • Tie a wet cloth or towel over your nose and mouth for easier breathing.
    • Fill bathtub with water, as you may need to wet down your room.
    • Seal the room from smoke. Stuff wet towels or sheets in the cracks around doors.
    • Turn off air conditioning and fans.
    • Signal your presence. Hang a sheet inside your window. This will show as a signal to firefighters that the room is occupied. DO NOT break the window.
  • Earthquake Procedures
    • Stay Calm.
    • Keep away from glass windows, mirrors, or walls.
    • Do not light matches or cigarette lighters.
    • Do not use your telephone.
    • Do not touch any wires.
    • Stay calm. When the shaking stops, take your room key and proceed to the emergency exits to the street.